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Tradition and education
There is a fantastic local tradition of boat building on Sydney Harbour and we want to ensure it survives. We provide a complete service of building restoration and and ongoing maintenance that enables people to properly restore and care
for their timber boat.

Research and documentation
Many of the boats we work on require some research - tracking down original photos, finding original plans. It is amazing what turns up when you begin to look. By doing this the owners learn more about the history of their classic boat and documenting that history makes a vessel more valuable. The nice thing is that the boat generally looks better and works better in it’s original format.

Sustainability and the future
We would like to see a Sydney Harbour 100 years into the future that still has classic local designs on it’s waters. Our contribution is to restore good examples of original local designs and to build new ones along these lines. In this process we document the boats and train future boat builders so that the cycle is sustainable.

Timber boats can have amazing life spans if properly cared for, many boats can last four or five generations. The secret is that they are built in a way that enables individual components to be repaired or replaced.